Terms & Conditions

FleetExpress is a trading name of FleetExpress Courier Services (“we” “us” “our”)
We accept certain goods for carriage from our customers (“you”, “your”) subject to these terms and conditions (“Conditions”)

1.1 In these Conditions the following words have the following meanings:
1.1.1 "Account" means a FleetExpress account.
1.1.2 "Additional Expenses" means any duty and/or taxes and/or levy, specialist delivery costs or any other unusual expenses that we pay on your behalf.
1.1.3 "Address" means the address stated in your Order that we will try to deliver the Parcel to.
1.1.4 "Agent" means a person who acts on another person's behalf.
1.1.5 "Charges" means the charges that you must pay for the Services.
1.1.6 "Claim Form" means our standard claim form.
1.1.7 "Data Protection Legislation" means all laws regulations and codes of practice applicable to the Processing of Personal Data pursuant to the Agreement including the GDPR.
1.1.8 "Delivered" means delivered to the Recipient at the Address or left with a Neighbour or left in a Safe Place.
1.1.9 "Delivery Estimate" means our estimate of the time within which we will first attempt to deliver your Parcel, which we will give to you when you place your Order.
1.1.10 "Delivery Point" means where the Parcel was Delivered.
1.1.11 "Full Cover" means optional enhanced compensation that you may, for a fee, take out when you submit an Order. For details click here.
1.1.13 “Geolocation” means the virtual perimeter of the boundary of the Address that we will try to deliver the Parcel to;
1.1.14 “Goods” means any goods contained within a Parcel.
1.1.15 “HHT signature” means a signature on a hand held terminal.
1.1.16 “Inadequately Packaged” means not packed or labelled in accordance with our packaging instructions.
1.1.17 “Late Delivery” means when we fail to meet our Delivery Estimate by two days or more.
1.1.18 “Loss or Damage” means loss of or damage to a Parcel or Goods.
1.1.19 “Multiple Accounts” means any Accounts that you operate in contravention of condition 3.5.2.
1.1.20 “Neighbour” means a neighbour of the Address.
1.1.21 “Non-Compensation Items” means Goods that we do accept for carriage but are sent at your own risk and in respect of which we do not accept any liability for Loss, Damage or Late Delivery.
1.1.22 “Order” means your order for the Services.
1.1.23 “Parcel” means any package excluding letters (and the Goods contained within it) that you give to us and we carry for you as part of our performance of the Services.
1.1.24 “Parcels that we do not accept for carriage” means any Parcels weighing more than 15kg or which are bigger than the maximum size or volume we accept at the time that you place your Order.
1.1.25 "Personal Data" and "Process" or "Processing" or "Processed" is defined in the applicable Data Protection Legislation.
1.1.26 "Postage Refund Only Product" means a Parcel that is postable and weighs between 0 – 1kg and which contains goods of no intrinsic value or goods for which you cannot prove the value of those goods.
1.1.27 “Prohibited Items” means Goods that we do not accept for carriage.
1.1.28 “Recipient” means the person the Parcel is addressed to or any other person who accepts the Parcel on the Recipient's behalf at the Address.
1.1.29 "Safe Place" means a location which is not an exposed doorstep or otherwise in public view or a location as specified by you that is accepted by us.
1.1.30 “Safe Place Photo” means a photo of the Safe Place where the Parcel has been left.
1.1.31 “Services” means our carriage of a Parcel to the Address on your behalf.
1.1.32 “Your Data” means Personal Data provided to Us by You in connection with the Contract.
1.1.33 “Your Return Address” means the address that you give us when you make your Order in case we need to return a Parcel to you.

2. Entering into a contract
2.1 Your Order, payment of the Charges and acceptance of these Conditions is an offer by you to purchase the Services from us. 2.2 We will not have accepted your offer to purchase the Services until we have started to perform them, at which point a non-cancellable contract to provide the Services will be formed on the terms of your Order and these Conditions (a “Contract”).

3. Your Responsibilities

3.1 You must not supply to us any:
3.1.1 Prohibited Items; or
3.1.2 Parcels that we do not accept for carriage; or
3.1.3 Goods which are illegal, the carriage of which is illegal, or the supply of which to the Recipient is illegal.
3.2 It is your obligation to ensure that any Parcel that you supply to us is not a Parcel that we do not accept for carriage by
weighing it, measuring its dimensions using the guide on our parcel size page.
3.3 It is your responsibility to ensure that you have paid the appropriate Charges for any Parcels that you supply to us.
3.4 You must ensure that:


  • 6.1 You agree to pay the correct Charges before you submit your Order.
  • 6.2 If when we perform the Services we have to pay any Additional Expenses then as soon as we notify you of these Additional Expenses you must repay them to us.
  • 6.3 If you breach any of these Conditions (including without limitation the Parcel dimension and/or weight requirements) then we may charge you reasonable administration fees up to £25 ("Administration Fees"). Imposing Administration Fees does not limit or restrict any other rights or remedies that we may have against you. The Administration Fees are a reasonable estimate of the losses that we may suffer if you breach any of these Conditions and the parties agree that the Administration Fees are not penalties.
  • 6.4 Until you have paid the Additional Expenses and Administration Fees to us, we can retain possession of your Parcel and your Goods. If you fail to repay the Additional Expenses and/ or Administration Fees to us within 7 days of our request for you to do so, we may dispose of or destroy the Goods.
  • 6.5 If you breach the Parcel dimension and/or weight requirements and we deliver the Parcel we may impose Administration Fees for arranging for the specialist delivery of the Parcel and up to £20 as Additional Expenses for the cost of delivery of the Parcel.
  • 6.6 We may increase our Charges and/ or our charges for other services

Our liability to you

7.1 We do not accept liability for Loss or Damage or Late Delivery where:
i the Parcel involved is a Parcel that we do not accept for carriage;
ii the Goods or Parcels involved are Prohibited Items; and/or
iii the Goods or Parcels involved are Non-Compensation Items.
7.2 For any other Goods or Parcels we will only be liable to you for Loss or Damage or Late Delivery to the extent that it is caused by our negligence, in which case we will pay compensation to you subject to the limits set out in condition 8 below (“Compensation”).
7.3 The Compensation shall be the full extent of our liability to you for Loss or Damage or Late Delivery.
7.4 We will not be liable to you nor pay you any Compensation for Loss or Damage that is caused by:
7.4.1 any latent or inherent defect in or natural deterioration of the Goods;
7.4.2 our failure to honour "package orientation" graphics (e.g. "UP" arrows, or "THIS END UP" markings);
7.4.3 a Parcel being Inadequately Packaged, incorrectly addressed or accompanied by incomplete dispatch or customs documentation;
7.4.4 any kind of fraudulence or dishonesty, including where someone misrepresents his authority to receive a Parcel on the Recipient's or your behalf; or
7.4.5 your failure to pay the correct Charges
7.5 As we cannot test whether any electrical or electronic equipment that you provide to us in a Parcel is functioning properly before we deliver it for you, we do not accept any liability for:
7.5.1 any loss of or damage to data on electrical or electronic equipment.
7.6 We will not be liable to you nor pay you any Compensation for Late Delivery which is caused by:
7.6.1 a Parcel being Inadequately Packaged, incorrectly addressed or accompanied by incomplete dispatch or customs documentation;
7.6.2 your failure to pay any duties and taxes; or
7.6.3 customs or other regulatory agencies.
7.7 We will also not be liable to you nor pay you any Compensation for Loss or Damage or Late Delivery if you have breached any of your responsibilities to us.
7.8 We provide a tracking facility to allow you to monitor our performance of the Services at Parcel Tracking. This facility is not part of the Contract and we are under no obligation to provide it. We provide no warranties as to the accuracy of the tracking facility and it is provided on an “as is" basis and for indicative purposes only.
7.9 Nothing in these Conditions affects your statutory rights nor limits or excludes our liability for:
7.9.1 death or personal injury resulting from our negligence;